Movable Rollertrack Platforms

Movable Rollertrack Platforms

This system does not need to be permanently installed in the vehicle, it can be simply laid onto the truck floor

The movable platforms, made using structural grade aluminium, are 2400 mm wide, with several lengths up to approximately 3800 mm and a thickness of as little as 53 mm!
A 13.6 m long semitrailer would require 4 movable units, with an approximate weight of 1260 kg.

Nbr. 4 or 5 pneumatic Moveco roller tracks are built into each unit, dependant on the weights to be carried. The steel rollers have a 50 mm diameter, a 50 mm width, set at a pitch of 121 mm. The platforms have a nonslip walking surface.

The movable platforms are laid on the vehicle and fastened to the floor using fixing brackets.

A simple stainless steel, section, control box, installed outside the vehicle, without additional air reservoirs but connected to the air truck pneumatic system, is provided for the pneumatic lifting of the roller tracks.