Powered Rollers

Powered rollers are an extra equipment for handling systems of air pallets and ULD containers.

Handle Air Cargo pallets and ULD containers without difficulty

Installable on modules of airport warehouse systems and in the semi-trailer frame with the Rollertrack set-up, these rollers represent the definitive upgrade and allow you to move the heaviest loads without any effort.



Rollers are activated by the operator at a safe distance. No more manual handling is required.

Easy to install

Roller, motor and connections are contained in a box which is extremely easy to install.


Thanks to the Powered rollers you will save time and labor


Rollers require very little maintenance and are easy and quick to clean.

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I already have roller or ball docks. Can I use your powered rollers?

Generally yes. The rollers are easy to install and can connect to any existing system. What you need to check is if the vehicle frame or if the sliding surfaces of your warehouse allow the roller to be housed. We have a lowered version for cases where height is a constraint but we still recommend that you check with our technical department.