Airport warehouse systems

Although land and sea transport are the most cost-effective, air freight transport is considered by far the fastest and most barrier-free. The market for this sector is constantly growing, and following the slowdown due to the pandemic, it is now more than ever recovering. This is why it is important to keep your airport warehouse at maximum efficiency, adopting all the necessary precautions to move the air pallets safely and quickly. Our airport warehouse systems are designed precisely for this purpose.

A modular solution

We know that each airport warehouse is different and each has different needs. At the same time, the handling of the overhead pallet is subject to strict regulations to allow safe work.

In this regard we have developed a modular solution, in order to be able to manage the handling in a simple way for the logistic operators and at the same time adaptable to the different needs and conformations of the warehouse.

Impiano magazzino aeroportuale - esempio di una progettazione modulare
Example of airport warehouse with modules

We have several modules available:

Ball deck | Roller deck | Lifting platforms | Weighing system | Castor deck

combinable and customizable according to each need.

In addition to being used as transport systems, these solutions suitable for all types of containers / ULDs also integrate existing storage systems, transforming the storage area from static to dynamic.


Pneumatic lifting systems for airport warehouses

Handling Air pallets and ULDs can be complicated due to their large size and weight.

(learn more about Air Pallets)

This is why our modules can be equipped according to the need for pneumatic lifting.

The great advantage that is obtained is greater control of the pallet being handled. With balls and rollers that are raised on command, it is possible to perform very precise movements and reduce the risk of slipping.

Safety pallet-stop

To ensure safe handling, we offer the possibility of adding pallet stops to our modules. They are safety stops that allow you to avoid unpleasant accidents caused by incorrect handling.

Get airport warehouse efficiency for your semi-trailer

An efficient airport warehouse cannot really be said to be complete if the means of transport with which the pallets arrive is not up to the task.

This is why we have designed two set-ups for semi-trailers.

Rollertrack set-up is ideal for new vehicles. The semitrailer will be equipped by working directly on the rear body frame. The vehicle will be born already prepared for the transport of air pallets and ULD containers.

Removable Rolletrack is a SMART set-up for existing vehicles. They can also be installed independently, and can be easily disassembled and reused on other vehicles.

Powered rollers for an extra gear

If necessary, our modules can be enhanced with the installation of motorized rollers, a solution that allows automatic handling of even the heaviest pallets.

Airport warehouse systems - Examples