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We deal with the design and construction of automatic systems for logistic handling and setUp for trailers, trailers and other vehicles used in industrial transport.

Specifically, we address to:

companies that have to transport their products from the production plant to an external warehouse or to a logistics center. Over the years, we have developed experience in the sector that allows us to offer our customers the best solutions for the shuttling of goods. Our systems and setup are designed to effectively and safely transport not only wooden pallets and standard load units, but also customized supports for each customer who needs to transfer goods that cannot be handled otherwise;

companies that perform a third parties logistics service. We offer special set-ups specifically designed for industrial logistic handling. We set up semitrailers, trailers with tractors, curtainsider vehicles, vans and refrigerated;

companies that have to handle air pallets and ULD containers. We have developed solutions dedicated to the transport of these load units.

Azienda - Moveco Systems

Over 30 years of experience

Our business was born in 1988 with the foundation of Moveco Srl by Marco and Guido Rotti.

To cope with the growth of the company throughout the industrial sector, the founders decided to split the company in two, so in 2016 Moveco Systems Srl was born.

The commitment and attention to following the evolution of an increasingly demanding market have led the Moveco Systems team to increasingly specialize in a complex sector that requires complete dedication and the continuous search for innovative solutions.

Our Values


Our systems are designed first and foremost to be safe. We always keep in mind the risks in the workplace, and do our best to find solutions to reduce them as much as possible.


Our design is quality based. Our systems are designed to last over time. Robust systems and installations are safer and more reliable.


Our solutions are designed to offer customers the opportunity to work with order. Working with order allows you to drastically reduce working times and keep logistics more efficient.


We conduct our business with ethics and integrity. Maximum attention to the customer. All our systems comply with the directives and regulations of the sector and CE marking.


We know that every company is different and for this reason we offer customized solutions for every need.


To make the transport and handling of goods faster and safer through reliable and high quality handling systems.

Quality Policy

If you do not want to replace your systems or the equipment of your vehicles after a few years of use, you are in the right place. We think the same way. We like durable solutions.

That's why we provide quality products at a fair price.

For the construction of our systems we use only high quality material. The rollers of our set-ups are not calendered sheets, but turned steel combined with high capacity bearings.


It is no coincidence that our slogan is

Quality moves better