Goods handling solutions

for automation of goods loading / unloading

Moveco Systems offers a new level of automation for loading and unloading goods

Today's rapidly growing companies are faced with the challenge of managing their products in a more efficient manner. The need to expand their business into lucrative territories requires the transfer of goods from one location to another, which can be costly and resource-intensive. That is why we have developed fully automated loading and unloading systems for trucks and trailers, designed to streamline the logistics process and optimize the use of resources.

Make your fleet more efficient

Are you involved in third-party logistics and own a fleet of vehicles for transporting goods? Do you want to offer your customers impeccable service? That's why we've developed setups that can give an extra boost to those who provide B2B services. With our solutions, you can reduce unproductive time for your drivers and serve more customers in less time.

Goods shuttle optimization

Moveco Systems offers solutions to achieve maximum performance in the logistics system. Keep track of incoming and outgoing goods, avoiding waste of time and money. Transfer products from your facility to an external warehouse or logistics center using an automated loading and unloading system in a shorter amount of time, while using fewer vehicles and resources. This way, you can save money and improve your performance.

Air Cargo pallet and ULD container: our solutions

For a good supply chain management at airports it is crucial to guarantee a constant flow of cargo. In this regard, we have designed systems for air pallet and ULD container handling, to the transfer from the factory to the airport warehouse, and for ground handling.

Do you need a customized solution?

We know that every company has different needs, whether it uses standard loading units or uses special supports for the handling of its goods. We are available to develop customized systems and fittings for each need.

Customer service

From the start of the project, Moveco Systems takes care of customers with great attention. We follow the customer at every stage, ensuring timely technical assistance.