Our systems are designed to offer a new level of automation in logistics and allow goods to be loaded / unloaded in the shortest possible time, facilitating the work of warehouse workers, eliminating the need for equipment for manual operations, and reducing management costs. .

We offer solutions for wooden pallets, standard and special, air cargo pallets, uld containers.
We know that some types of goods cannot be transported on standard supports, which is why we offer a custom design in order to find the best solution for you.

Automatic loading and unloading systems

Designed to speed up a standard process in logistics management present in each production plant and warehouse, this system offers end-of-line automation. Full loading and unloading of the semi-trailer in less than two minutes.
An indispensable solution to optimize the shuttling of goods. 

Impianto di carico automatico con accumulo-min

Airport warehouse systems

Modular solutions such as ball tables, roller tables, lifting platforms, weighing platforms and castor decks to transport all types of air pallets and ULD containers.

They also integrate the existing storage facilities, transforming the storage area from static to dynamic.


Customized Solutions

All our systems and all the logistics handling equipment that we offer are customized for each customer. If you need a different transport solution that you do not see among those proposed, please contact us and explain your need.

35224621 - detailed mechanical engineering blueprint with gauge