Rollertrack Set-Up

Our solution for Air Cargo pallet and ULD container handling

Rollertrack is a special equipment for the road transport of air pallets designed for trailers, semi-trailers, tractors, vans, curtainsider and refrigerated vehicles.

We know that handling overhead pallets and ULD containers can be difficult due to their large size. To meet this need, our solution allows for simple but at the same time effective handling.

Rollertrack for Air Cargo pallets

The set-up consists of installing rollers in the rear body of the vehicle. This solution allows the air pallets to slide easily along the vehicle floor (read more about air pallets).

Pneumatic lifting for pallet control

Being able to handle goods so easily is undoubtedly an advantage that few industrial vehicles can boast. However, it is necessary to be able to maintain control over the pallets and containers. This is why the rollers are equipped with pneumatic lifting. 

During loading and unloading, the rollers are lifted pneumatically and the pallets can be moved easily along the vehicle floor. 

During transport, the rollers are in a rest position inside the vehicle floor, in order to avoid accidental movements.

Safety pallet-stop

As an additional safety measure, the system is equipped with manual or pneumatic pallet stops, to mechanically block the overhead pallets, avoid unwanted movements and ensure the stability of the load.

Full integration with airport warehouse systems

Although the Rolletrack set-up is designed as an independent system, it integrates perfectly with our airport warehouse systems. The combination of the Rollerkit with our roller or ball units allows for easy and efficient handling of overhead pallets and ULD containers.

Powered rollers: the definitive upgrade for heavier loads

We can assure you that with the Rollertrack set-up your way of working will change dramatically and the loading and unloading operation will become much easier. We understand that pushing pallets weighing several tons can still represent a major effort.
If the aerial pallets you have to move are particularly large and heavy, we therefore recommend adding motorized rollers to your set-up and saying goodbye to fatigue forever.

Rollertrack - Examples