Rollerkit Set-Up

Rollerkit is the set-up for vehicles that offers the highest level of efficiency in the handling of goods. This automatic handling system is custom designed for each customer to suit their needs.

Whether you need to transfer standard pallets (read more about pallets), or whether your goods are placed on a special support, it will allow you to carry out the loading and unloading operation easily and safely.

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Different versions depending on the need

Rollerkit system with rollers and chains

The load units are placed on idle rollers and motorized chains that allow them to be moved inside the vehicle. It is possible to have different configurations with 2, 4 or more ways with chains and 2, 4 or more ways with rollers depending on the type of package to be handled.

During the loading and unloading phases, rollers and chains are lifted by pneumatic bags inflated with air taken from the vehicle system, lifted to allow the movement of the load along the truck bed. An electric motor, installed at the front, drives the chains, in the desired direction.

During road transport, the rollers and chains are lowered and the load rests firmly on the floor. The controls are contained in INOX steel box, easily accessible from the outside. 
The system can be set up in alternating current (400 Vac) or in direct current (24 Vdc) making it completely autonomous for loading and unloading operations thanks to additional batteries equipment together with battery chargers.

It is possible to handle complete loads, up to 28,000 kg in weight, in just 90 seconds.

Rollerkit conveyor belt system

Robust, easy and versatile the “automatic Conveyor-belt system” Moveco Systems, enables to load and unload every kind of packaging: pallets, crates, boxes, paper reels, white goods, bulk loads as of every size. The equipment may also be mounted into frozen body.

The conveyor belt installed on board the semi-trailer requires AC power supply, from the mains, via a direct connection to the dock, with the simple and quick insertion of a supplied plug.

The carpet on board runs directly on the plywood flooring and does not reduce the internal useful height, which remains fully available.

When is installed on trailer, with dragging ropes, the carpet only covers the length of the plywood flooring. During unloading, the ropes unwind on the floor, which remains uncovered by the carpet, the opposite during loading.

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Solutions for refrigerated vehicles

For refrigerated vehicles set-up it is possible to choose the type of system based on the different transport needs. We have documentation dedicated to this type of means of transport.

The maximum of efficiency

The Rollerkit system is the representation of efficiency. It allows you to carry out an operation that can take up to an hour if done manually, in less than two minutes, also eliminating the risk of injury for warehouse workers and forklift drivers. It offers a level of automation that allows you to make a qualitative leap and put even a small company in a position to be competitive on the market.


But who is able to exploit the full potential of this set-up?

Companies that perform autonomous logistic shuttling

If you need to transfer goods from your factory to an external warehouse or a logistics center, you need to optimize time and at the same time you want to save money and resources on shuttling, the Rollerkit is the perfect set-up for your means of transport. Combined with our automatic loading and unloading system, it will allow you to save on operating costs and drastically reduce working times.

Companies who deal with logistics on behalf of third parties.

The reduction of loading and unloading times reduces the waiting times of the drivers at the customers, allowing to manage more orders during the working day.

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