Setup for Trailers

Roller conveyors for semi-trailers and other vehicles

Are you looking for goods handling roller conveyors to be installed on your semi-trailer?

Our special set-ups are specially designed for vehicles used for logistical purposes in the industrial sector for transporting pallets.

Semi-trailers | Trailers with tractors | Curtainsiders | Vans | Refrigerated vehicles

Over the years, we have developed the best solutions to load and unload goods in the shortest possible time, without any effort on the part of the driver or warehouse workers, eliminating the need for equipment for manual operations, and reducing management costs.

Excellent for those who deal with logistics on behalf of third parties.

The reduction of loading and unloading times reduces the waiting times of the drivers at the customers, allowing to manage more orders during the working day.

If you offer a dedicated logistics service to a customer where time optimization is vital, these set-ups will make the difference for you.

Perfect for companies that perform autonomous logistic shuttling

If you have to transfer your goods from your factory to an external warehouse or to a logistics center, you need to optimize time and at the same time you want to save money and resources on shuttling, we have the perfect solution.

Rollerkit System

Designed specifically for each customer, the Rollerkit system is the most functional set-up for the automatic loading and unloading of goods for most logistical transport.

Its speed, safety and efficiency make it an unrivaled ally if you aim for maximum optimization.

Allestimenti Rollerkit - rendering

Rollertrack System

This system is specifically designed for air cargo pallets and ULD containers handling, which are subject to specific regulations.

It is possible to choose different configurations depending on the type of air pallet used.

Allestimenti Rollertrack

Re-movable Rollertrack

We have developed this SMART set-up to adapt any vehicle to transport the air pallet and greatly simplify the logistics management for companies that have to deal with different situations.

Allestimento removibile - Pianali mobili Rollertrack - Removable Rollertrack

Solutions for refrigerated vehicles

Our set-ups are also suitable for isothermal vehicles for transporting frozen products. In this case we offer a special configuration of our equipment.

Refrigerated trucks solutions