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11 Aprile 2022

"After a 2022 in which automation established itself as a pillar of logistics strategy, in 2023 companies continue to focus on new technologies to maintain competitiveness, speed up processes, and minimize errors. To facilitate the development of businesses in Italy, the government has made some tax incentives available. In particular, there are some economic advantages."

Tax credit 2023

It is an economic credit recognized for all companies that make investments in technologically advanced instrumental goods according to the "Industry 4.0" model. The bonus is:
20% of the cost for investments up to 2.5 million euros
10% of the cost for investments over 2.5 million euros and up to 10 million euros
5% of the cost for investments between 10 million euros and up to 20 million euros
5% of the cost for investments greater than 10 million up to 50 million euros of investments included in the PNRR, aimed at achieving ecological transition objectives.
Cover agevolazioni 2023

The tax credit represents a unique opportunity for companies that decide to invest to grow their business in Italy. In 2022, the credit received even more substantial funding. For this reason, our advice is to take advantage of it before the available funds run out.

New Sabatini Green 2023

Introduced by the 2020 budget law with the aim of strengthening the country's productive system, the facilitation measure for companies that invest in industrial machinery has been confirmed for 2023. It reimburses instrumental investments as interest and advances capital expenses, for all types of companies.
Eligible investments can only be directed to new manufacturing productive use and must relate to:
Instrumental goods
Hardware, software, and digital technologies
The financing for investments must be:
for a duration not exceeding 5 years
for an amount between 20 thousand and 4 million euros
fully used for the eligible investments mentioned above
Specifically, the contribution is conventionally calculated as an interest reduction of 2.75% for ordinary investments and 3.575% for digital technologies and green investments. Assuming a 5-year financing, the contribution translates to:
7.7% for investments in ordinary material goods;
10.1% for investments in digital goods and green technologies.
The facilitation offered by the new Sabatini helps companies to invest and allows them to continue to grow, but since the resources are available until they run out, it is better not to wait to submit applications.

Two combinable facilitations

The tax credit and the new Sabatini are two tax incentives that can be combined with each other, as long as the conditions for obtaining both facilitations are met.

Do you want to grow with us?

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